Desktop and Notebook Repairs

We repair home as well as business computers. As an A+ Certified Service Center we take pride in our work and technical expertise. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are our main selling points. From pop up problems to blown motherboards, we can get your system repaired and up and running in no time. Whether your machine is a Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, eMachine, Toshiba, Acer or one of our HTS Custom Built Systems, we can fix it. All HTS computers receive free in shop expedite service. Not all repairs have to be brought to the shop... Click here to see about either Remote or OnSite repairs.

Desktop and Notebook Upgrades

We know upgrades! HTS Computers is a full service shop and upgrades are a major part of our business. Sooner or later your system will need some form of upgrade and we can easily help you pick the right part. We stock many major system components for desktops and laptops. Special order parts are no problem either, most parts can be received in about 48 hours and installed as soon as possible.

Parts and Accessories

We are consistently evaluating new equipment for quality and reliability. We want your system to work 100% of the time and we know that you feel the same way. Our mission is to lower your cost while maintaining the highest quality standard possible. Good parts always come with a great warranty, that's why we choose manufacturers that stand behind their products with the best warranty possible.

Setup and Security

Online safety and security begins with knowing what is happening on your PC. By understanding how attackers can access your machine and wreak havoc, we have the knowledge to clean and help protect your system from online threats like spyware, viruses, popups, and identity theft. We also know the ins and outs of fine tuning your PC to maximize its potential. Unlike a lot of the security suites available today, our setup won't slow you down a bit.

Home Networking

We have installed countless networks both wired and wireless. Whether you need to add functionality to an existing network or create a new one, we have the qualified staff to do it right the first time. From two system home networks to small businesses with 50+ workstations, HTS can setup and manage your network. Click here for more business services.