Custom Systems

HTS Quality

At HTS Computers, we pride ourselves on building quality Intel systems that just work right. Every aspect of our systems are carefully researched and planned in order to offer our customers the best computer we can.

Name Brand Components

We use only name brand components in our systems.

Motherboards and Processors straight from Intel means a number of things to our customers. The first is that they are built to very high standards. Take advantage of the new Core technology with an Intel Core i3, i5 or even i7, it's like having up to 8 cores in a single machine! They are extremely stable and reliable so you don't have to worry about your system doing "weird" things. They come with a 3 year warranty1 from Intel to be free of manufacturing defects. Being an Intel Channel Partner also affords us the capability of getting a replacement within 24 hours in most cases, in the unlikely event that a part malfunctions.

Kingston or Crucial RAM goes into every HTS system. They both have lifetime warranties1 on their RAM and have been proven to deliver rock solid performance and reliability in every application.

We use Seagate and Western Digital mechanical, and Intel solid state hard drives which deliver great performance at an affordable price. Add multiple drives in a RAID configuration to increase speed or data protection.

Add an optional nVidia graphics card for high end video applications, 3D rendering or ultra fast gaming. For the ultimate in performance we can build a system using nVidia's SLI technology which uses two graphics cards running together for the most demanding applications.

Choose from Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate for home or workstation. Server 2008 R2 for servers.

With a multitude of other customization options, HTS Computers can fully customize your new PC to suite your needs exactly. No need to pay for something you won't ever use. You can buy a system from HTS feeling confident that you will have the power you need to get any job done without the worry of spending hours and hours with tech support in the future.

1 - HTS systems come with three year parts and labor warranties.